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GM Voices' e-commerce is your one stop for high-quality, on-demand voice prompts. Many female and male voice actors are offered, all recording regularly. And it’s a simple, three-step process—you’ll receive your ready-to-load voice prompts in just days!

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About the GM Voices Online Store

GM Voices’ online store was created to provide fast, convenient delivery of custom auto attendant and voice prompt files for your telephony system. Our Preferred Voice Actors are offered on this platform—the voice talent who record for GM Voices within pre-scheduled weekly sessions (guaranteeing the lowest possible prices). Only U.S. English voices can be ordered online at this time. Most orders are completed and ready for download by end of business EST one day after the recording session day. Scripts must be received the day before the recording session to ensure that your project is recorded. If your script is submitted the same day as the recording session, it will likely record the following week.

Important: This web portal works great for small or one-time orders. For larger voice applications, or if you anticipate wanting to update your prompts over time in the same matching voice, please consider speaking to a GM Voices Account Manager first. The low prices reflected on this online store do not include the services of GM Voices Account Management team. Please take care to ensure your script is final and that all information is accurate before submitting your order through this self-service website.

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GM Voices records in 100 languages and dialects with hundreds of professional voice actors. If you don’t see or hear what you’re looking for on our online store, we can still accommodate your Voice Branding needs. Visit to sample our full selection of voice talent and languages.

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